In Tajikistan they are very fond of the color of their cars and white is basically the most dominant, then silver, gray and finally black. The question arises when it comes to reselling the cars and which of the colors offers the cars the highest resale value.

We usually think that most people choose cars for reasons of sentiment. People prefer specific brands, engines, gearboxes, body variants, accessories, and lastly, color. Silver and white cars are the easiest to resell in Tajikistan, as opposed to dark colors like blue and black. In Europe, on the other hand, the opposite happens: darker colors sell faster than lighter ones.

The types of silver include colors such as gray, while other trends are very much in line with those of other countries that have hot climates. However, it is clear that buyers prefer white, gray/silver, black / navy, red or shades of brown, green and yellow.

black bmw m 3 coupe on parking lot states that cars depreciate between 15 and 20% per year and that the first year is the most depreciated, up to 50%. White, black and silver cars could be popular in a few years, so buy these kinds of neutral colors, according to the car advertising site.

The combination of these colors represents a small part of the annual sales of automobiles in the local and world markets.
In the market, DuPont's overall data showed similar trends regarding color preference;

White / Silver and Pearl - stagnation, 22% each
Black / Black Effect - 20%
Gray - 13%
Red - 7%
Blue - 6%
Brown / Beige - 5%
Green - 2%
Yellow / Gold - 1%
Others - 2%.

The low frequency of yellow cars could be an initiator of demand that sustains their value. In our analysis, there is also a consistency in the depreciation of yellow cars, especially in smaller volume cars, such as convertibles. In contrast, depreciation is less on other popular body styles like SUVs or pick-up trucks.

However, color alone does not determine a vehicle's depreciation. Purple, beige and gold are the three worst colors, with a share of 0.7%, but they depreciate faster than 10%. Ly also points out that this doesn't just depend on the type of car with the color. Black, white and gray are the most common colors for cars and their depreciation is almost similar.

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